Governance Consultancy Services

Developing Project Management Office (PMO) 

Human Resource (HR) Corporate Service: 

  • Organizational climate analysis (employee feedback surveys)
  • Organizational health audits (OHA)
  • Organisational architecture
  • Organizational roles description
  • Policy and procedure development and communication

Human Resource (HR) Services: 

  • HR Audit -  Total HR  Services at your work place
  • Drafting HR policies and procedures
  • Establishing a full- fledged professionalized HR department: HR outsourcing, Employee Handbooks & Policy manuals, Employee Job & Role Analysis Manuals, Performance Management (Appraisal systems, Rewards & Recognition), Employee compensation and benefit structure, Employee reward and motivational programs, HR MIS, Total ERP Packages & Internal Communication Effectivenes

Manpower Services: 

  • Manpower planning
  • Budgeting & Selection
  • Preparing Job descriptions-  Role Clarity profiles for various functional positions / designations, Recruitment (sourcing, selection & staffing) including induction & orientation
  • Responsibility Mapping & HR administration & organisational systems

L&D Services: 

  • Conduct TNA (Training Need Analysis) and design appropriate Employee training and development programs, including preparation of Annual Training Calendars, Schedules
  • Talent retention & management
  • Training & Development

Cambridge Advisory and Retainer Services: 

  • Act as conscious Keeper and advisor to Top Management Leadership
  • Provide timely and right advise in planning, managing  & retaining Talent
  • Attend relevant meetings and guide on the right principles and values to be adopted in Management
  • Fore warn on the likely business events and precautions to be taken to ensure all management agenda runs smoothly


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