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The key is not just 'awareness;' it is behavior change; as such, interactive security awareness training platforms help compliance managers effectively administer mandated employee education, prove the completion of training in the event of an audit, and actually change the way that employees behave. The result is lower risk for the organization. Companies that employ new interactive cyber security assessment and context aware security training software are reporting reductions in susceptibility to employee-targeted attacks, which translates to fewer breaches and lower premeditation costs.

- Andrew Walls, Vice President of Security, Risk and Privacy, Gartner


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Within the last calendar year 77% of companies have experienced a Phishing Attack, while 58% of organizations say this type of attack is increasing. Furthermore, nearly 80% of all malware attacks come from phishing attempts.

Employees are the weakest link in your security chain and increasingly we see the majority of breaches being traced back to employee behavior.

Cambridge Education provide organizations solutions to educate and support their staff with security awareness.

Continuous Education Yields Measurable Results


Have you given thought to why presentations, videos, and simple slides aren’t terribly effective tools when it comes to knowledge retention? We certainly have. And we believe that while these formats are appropriate methods for informing users, they aren’t engaging enough to truly educate users.

Now consider the industry research that has shown that once-a-year classroom and video training is not effective in the battle against cyber-attacks. Put these two elements together, and you’ll start to get a sense of why our Continuous Training Methodology is based on a cyclical approach that both informs users about best practices and teaches users how to employ these practices when they face security threats. Some of our customers have seen a marked reduction in susceptibility in as few as two months, and our continuous training approach allows you to capitalize and build on this initial rise in awareness, effectively changing behaviors over time.

Security Awareness Overview


Cambridge Education partnered with Wombat Security Technologies to provide interactive, engaging and memorable cyber security awareness training for employees.

Gartner again positions Wombat as “Leader” in their 2015 Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training. Practical concepts increase learning retention and provide organizations with data about their information security strengths and weaknesses.

About Wombat


Wombat Security Technologies is a leading provider of security education solutions that positively change employee behavior. Wombat’s SaaS training solutions help organizations teach their employees how to identify and avoid cyber security attacks. The solutions are integrated into a purpose-built security learning platform that makes it easy for security officers to deliver and manage customized knowledge assessments, the largest offering of simulated attacks, a library of interactive training modules, as well as detailed and executive level reports. Wombat’s unique educational approach is enabling security teams to collect a depth of data and take an evidence-based approach to drive continuous knowledge improvement. The Company’s solutions can reduce employee susceptibility to attack by over 80%. Wombat is helping medium to large enterprises around the world in industries such as finance, technology, banking, insurance, retail, and consumer packaged goods to reduce their risk and strengthen their cyber security defenses. A one of a kind platform, our Security Training Platform is specifically built to provide Security and Information Officers with the powerful tools they need to train employees how to recognize and avoid cyber-attack. Wombat’s platform integrates software-based interactive training, mock cyber-attacks, reporting, and administrative capabilities, into one easy to use system.

Cambridge Education is driving the way to make the Corporate Clients be safe in the internet by educating their employees through the world’s best technology and Cyber Security solutions.

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