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It is immense pleasure to inform you that I passed my PMP exam on 1st attempt. The training and support provided by the Cambridge was great. Once again many thanks to Cambridge team!

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A Magical Wand to Allure Employers

Project is an inevitable part for all business organizations for their survival and consistent growth. As stated by G Reiss, Project management is like juggling three balls – time, cost and quality.” The businesses spend substantial time and resources on various projects. It is also important to ensure that the projects are delivered successfully. A project is said to be successful when it is delivered on time, on budget and with a planned quality; and for making the project successful, an efficient project management system is very essential. Project Management skills are being more and more demanding nowadays irrespective of the sector; may it be the health sector, or engineering, or entertainment or any other sector; project management skills plays a crucial role. The business environment has been rapidly becoming “projectized”. That is the reason why project management has been a growing trend among graduates as well as undergraduates due to its lucrative prospects.




Thanks to Project Management Institute (PMI) that has been imparting project management credentials to the aspirants. Since its inception in 1984, PMI has always been committed to imparting project management certificates to the aspirants It provides certification even to the undergraduates that are known as CAPM credential. It means that the undergraduate students can take project management training, appear for the exam and thus gain CAPM credential from Project Management Institute.




According to the report published by United Arab Emirates, the salary range of CAPM certified project managers is as below:
















CAPM credential has several benefits, which has made it the second most popular credential among project management aspirants. The certification is internationally recognized and it indicates that the person with CAPM credential is up to date with the processes and terminologies of global project management.




CAPM is an ideal project management certificate for the practitioners, who want to start their career as project managers. After acquiring CAPM credential, the individuals with a little experience can handle even the most complex project with skill and ability. CAPM certification validates the ability of CAPM credential holder to handle the most critical projects in the organization.




CAPM certificate prepares the undergraduate and young project managers for handling project in the organization. The graduation with CAPM credential gives them opportunity to work as a management trainee.




The certificate helps to boost the confidence among the entry level managers in cradle to grave process of the project.




The certification is like another feather in your cap. After gaining CAPM credential, the graduate person on entry level can gain a handsome salary, sometimes almost equal to PMP. See the salary structure below.








CAPM is comparatively easier and doesn’t require extensive experience just like PMP. If you are serious about making your career in project management, but have no time to spend long time for gaining experience which PMP requires, CAPM is always an ideal option for you. It is always a profitable deal to gain CAPM credential as the project management career is beckoning you. 

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