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Good place to take this course ( student room and facilities is very good). Very nice course and our professor is very good teacher. Really I learned a lot of things..


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Equip yourself with the hallmark and best practice methodologies on project planning and scheduling management, project delivery and risk based estimation & budgeting.

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General Introduction

Why Scheduling

Overview of Scheduling

About P6


  • To create new OBS
  • Restrictions



  • Different views
  • To Create new EPS
  • Assigning the responsible manager
  • Difference between EPS & OBS


Understanding Projects


  • Overview of the project
  • Creation of new project through wizard
  • Creation of new project through details


Domain Area of Schedulers

  • Schedule Mission Management
  • Schedule Creation
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Schedule Communication / Reporting


Successful Scheduling

Essential Elements of Good - Schedule

Calendar Global, Resource, Project

  • New Calendar
  • Modification, copying holidays from global
  • Making a Project or Resource Calendar
  • Assigning a calendar as default for the projects


  • What is WBS
  • Example for WBS
  • Defining Structure
  • Applying WBS for tasks


Schedule Development - Process based approach

Defining Activities


  • Entering Activities through Wizard
  • Entering Activities through details

Estimate Activity Duration

Entering Duration and Duration Type

  • Entering Durations
  • Explore the use of Duration format including sub unit
  • Milestones, Activity type



  • Inserting a new column
  • Moving the columns
  • Time scale adjustments


Design Project Logic

Linking Activities

  • Different kind of relationship
  • Different methods of linking


Schedule Development



  • Estimating the project finish date
  • Identifying the project critical path
  • Editing the task links
  • Applying different calendars to activities and estimate the finish date


Constraints in a Project

  • Different types of constraints
  • Use of secondary constraint


Work Products & Documents

  • Defining WPs & Docs
  • Difference between WP & Documents
  • Assigning it for Activities



Activity Codes

  • Code Definition
  • Assigning Code and Organizing
  • Reorganizing




  • Importance of Roles
  • Defining the roles
  • Giving the rate for the roles


Resource Sheet Preparation

  • Defining resource through wizards
  • Defining resource through details
  • Defining resource through calendar
  • To create new unit of measure for materials which is not available in the list


Resource Assigning

  • Through add roles
  • Through add resources
  • Giving different rate which has not mentioned in either resource or role



  • To change the currency
  • To create new currency
  • Setting exchange rate
  • To find the rate of project in other currency value


Analysis of Schedule

Analysis Resources

  • Resource usage profile
  • Resource usage spreadsheet


Resource Leveling

Base Lining and Maintenance of Schedule

Updating Progress

  • Setting Database
  • Entering actual start and actual finish date for tasks
  • Updating through duration
  • Updating thriugh physical
  • Cost updating
  • Comparative study of baseline and actual plan


Performance Measurement

Calculating Earned Value Analysis

Global Change

Reports - Tabular, Graphical


Formatting Bars

Schedulig Components

Conformance Index

User defined fields

Methodology Management

PMI-SP Credetial Exam Details

Review and Feedback










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Course Details

General Introduction Why Scheduling? Overview of Scheduling About P6 OBS To Create new OBS Restrictions EPS Different Views To Create new Assigning the responsible manager Difference between EPS & OBS Understanding Projects Projects Overview of the project Creation of new project through wizard Creation of new project through details Domain Areas of Schedulers Schedule Mission Management Schedule Creation Schedule Maintenance Schedule Analysis Schedule Communication/Reporting Successful Scheduling Essential Elements of Good – Schedule Calendar Global, Resource, Project. New Calendar Modification, Copying holidays from global Making a Project or resource Calendar as global Assigning a calendar as default for the projects. WBS What is WBS Example for WBS WBS Defining Structure Applying WBS for tasks Schedule Development – Process based approach Defining Activities Activities Entering Activities through Wizard Entering Activities through details Estimate Activity Duration Entering Duration & Duration Type Entering Durations Explore the use of duration format including sub unit Mile stones, Activity type Formatting Inserting a new column Moving the columns Time scale adjustments Design Project Logic Linking Activities Different kind of relationship between tasks Different methods of linking Schedule Development Scheduling Estimating the project finish date Identifying the project critical path Editing the task links Applying different calendars to activities & estimating the finish date Constraints in a Project Different types of constraints Use of secondary constraint Work Products & Documents Defining WPs & Docs Difference between WP & Doc Assigning it for activities Codes Activity Codes Code Definition Assigning Code and Organizing Reorganizing Project Codes Code Definition Assigning Code and Organizing Reorganizing Resource Codes Code Definition Assigning Code and Organizing Reorganizing Filter Roles Importance of Roles Defining the roles Giving the rate for the roles Resource Sheet preparation Defining resource through wizard Defining resource through detail Defining resource through calendar To Create new unit of measure for materials which is not available in the list Resource Assigning Through add roles Through add resources Giving different rate which has not mentioned either in resource or role Currency To change the currency To Create new currency Setting exchange rate To find the rate of project in other currency value Analysis of Schedule Analysis Resources Resource usage profile Resource usage spread sheet Resource Leveling Base lining & Maintenance of Schedule Updating Progress Setting Database Entering Actual start & Actual finish date for tasks Updating through duration Updating through physical Cost updating Comparative study of baseline and actual plan Performance Measurement Calculating Earned Value Analysis Global Change Reports – Tabular, Graphical Import/Export Formatting Bars Scheduling Components Conformance Index Schedule Conformance User defined fields Methodology Management PMI–SP® Credential Exam Details Review & Feedback

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