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Course Details

DAY 01

I Digital Forensics process overview I Documentation, chain of custody, and evidence handling procedures I Digital media types I Active, archival and latent data I How data is stored I Slack and unallocated space I Hashes and Checksums I FAT 12/16/32 file systems I Creating forensically sound working copies or images of media I Imaging Labs/Practicals

DAY 02


I Common file header formats I Using a Hex editor I How forensic software tools work I Keyword lists and searches I Time and date stamps I Affidavits, search warrants, motions and subpoenas I Privacy issues I Rules of evidence I Overcoming encryption and password protection I Interpreting Internet History and HTTP concepts I Case Scenarios/Practicals

DAY 03


I NTFS File Systems I Compact Disc analysis I Interpretation of logs I Interpreting Internet History and HTTP concepts I Metadata for Microsoft Office and other documents I Creating understandable and accurate reports I Questions to prepare for/working with attorneys I Viruses and malware I Windows registry I Case Scenarios/Practicals


DAY 04


I Windows artifacts - print spool files, shortcuts, swap file and recycle bin I Working as an expert technical witness I Case Scenarios/Practicals


DAY 05


I Authenticating and verifying your results I Insurance/liability issues I Case Scenarios/Practicals

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